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4 Week Online Strength & Conditioning Program

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Line Drive and PPI have partnered to bring your son or daughter an online athlete based exercise program so they don't have to miss out on training. This exercise program is geared to progressively improve you son or daughters strength and endurance without having to leave the house. 

Program Overview • Length: 4 weeks • Frequency: 3 workouts a week • Time: 20 - 60 minute workouts (all depends on you) • Intensity: Beginner to Advanced level • Equipment: Body Weight or Free Weights (Your choice) • Location: Home What You Get Access To • Access to clear and detailed videos, accessible from your phone, tablet, or computer. • Easy exercising tacking, to allow you to track your progress • Alternate exercise to allow you to progress and regress your workouts Cost: $125 per program Contact Taylor Lewis to Sign Up

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