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Baseball Clinics

Choose a level, then a clinic.
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Beginner Clinics

Have fun learning the fundamentals! These are 90-minute all-around clinics that cover all the basics

Upcoming Clinics

AA/Rookie/Minors Spring Training

Fall Clinics will be announced soon

President's Day thru Easter!

Advanced Clinics

One-hour clinics focused on a specific subject - pitching, fielding, or hitting

Upcoming Clinics

Hitting - Fridays

5:00-6:00 & 6:00-7:00pm

February 26 thru May

Private Clinics

Email us to arrange a private clinic for groups of 6-20!

About our Clinics

AA/Rookie/Minors Tryout Prep Clinic

Designed for players 10 & under, this clinic teaches fundamentals of throwing, fielding, pitching and hitting for 90 minutes. Players warm up, rotate through a series of drills and activities, and finish with a fun hitting competition.

Topics Covered

  • Throwing mechanics and warm up drills

  • Infield defense fundamentals

  • Pitching fundamentals, including motion and grips

  • Hitting fundamentals

Majors/Advanced Tryout Prep Clinic

Designed for players in Majors or advanced players at younger levels

Pitching Clinics - Topics Covered Include:

  • Review throwing fundamentals and basic pitch grips

  • Discuss pitching philosophy and different ways to get hitters out

  • Players throw a bullpen and receive individualized instruction

  • Introduce off-speed pitch grips and healthy throwing technique

Hitting Clinic

Includes a discussion about hitting, a warm that players can use at home, a series of hitting stations covering important hitting mechanics, and ending with an exciting and fun hitting competition!  Topics covered Include:

  • Review fundamentals of a good stance and swing

  • Mechanics that help create an ideal combination of balance and power

  • Relationship between launch angle, exit velocity, and offensive success – how can a Little-Leaguer make the most out of his swing?

  • Identifying pitches and swinging at the right ones

  • Situational hitting: when’s the right time to do a job vs. swing for extra bases?

Fielding Clinic

Fielding clinic to help get players ready for tryouts. Each clinic will includes a warm up, throwing session, review of fielding fundamentals, and challenging fielding drills that push players to improve their footwork and hands.

Look out for position-specific clinics for middle-infielders, corner-infielders, catchers, and outfielders in February!